The number of apps, services, platforms, etc. that we are uses is increasing every year. The amount of data we are collecting and processing is expanding at an exponential rate. There is a need to standardize, streamline, and optimize our ability to manage the ever-growing list of systems and their data. Conquering your data can help improve efficiency, effectiveness, reduce cost, and errors inside an organization. 

This course will discuss the various ways of sharing data easily between different applications, platforms, and services. It will look at various tools (e.g. IFTTT, Flow, Zapier), desktop application functionalities (e.g. Power Query), and programming techniques (e.g. VBA, M, etc.) more to manage this process. This course is perfect for the do-it-yourself person that is looking to find ways to personally conquer and manage their data more effectively. The attendee with gain familiarity with these different tools, their strengths, and weakness and how they could be used in their organizations. 

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Panelists: Randy Johnston, Brian Tankersley, Ward Blatch
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