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This course will examine the major causes, factors, and outcomes of identity theft and organizational security breaches. Participants will be presente...View Details

Legacy solutions are holding back businesses. Many mid-market companies are being transformed by upgrading their accounting solutions. In this new wor...View Details

With the introduction of  Adobe  Acrobat  DC,  Adobe changed the game on how we work with  PDF  documents.  More than just  “another new software vers...View Details

A complete accounting software solution almost always includes additional add-on products. For example, it is hard to accurately calculate sales tax, ...View Details

Technology is changing at an incredible pace and new apps, services, and tools constantly emerge. These tools can have an incredible impact on our bus...View Details

Managing Information Technology (IT) is difficult when team members, contractors, and others all sound alike. If you manage IT, wouldn't it be nice to...View Details

Correctly implemented passwords help protect valuable information. Both the complexity and the number of passwords required have multiplied. Further, ...View Details

CPA firms have always had challenging times, and the last two years emphasized that point. Technology changes, new service offerings, and profitable c...View Details

The Internet and mobile technologies have revolutionized the way that businesses operate. We're no longer constrained by having to operate in a specif...View Details

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