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The number of apps, services, platforms, etc. that we are using is increasing every year. The amount of data we are collecting and processing is expan...View Details

With the introduction of  Adobe  Acrobat  DC,  Adobe changed the game on how we work with  PDF  documents.  More than just  “another new software vers...View Details

Disaster can come in many forms, from a flood to a data breach, to the death of a critical member of your team. When a disaster happens, it is never a...View Details

With recent Excel updates provided through Microsoft 365/Office 365 subscriptions, Microsoft continues to pack new features into the popular spreadshe...View Details

With approximately 500 functions already present, Excel seemingly has a function for every need. But sometimes the function YOU need just simply isn’t...View Details

PivotTables are widely considered the most powerful feature in Excel, yet most accounting and financial professionals do not use them in their daily a...View Details

In today’s business climate, Business Intelligence (BI) is perhaps the hottest topic in most professional circles. Increasingly, organizations of all ...View Details

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